Saturday evening I counted no less that 39 uniformed police officers patrolling Bauman, the pedestrian walkway. Couldn’t figure out why they were there. Yesterday had tons of patrols, as did today. No idea why.

They travel in packs of three, all armed with batons, one of them carrying a leather map bag— the one with the bag is always in the middle. Thankfully the Kazan police are pretty relaxed; they just wander about and don’t bother people. Unlike in Moscow or Peterburg, where there will always be police hanging out the metro to snag the first Caucasian guy they see, just to harass him »

I was on Bauman Saturday evening as well! WHAT IF YOU SAW ME


In other news, I saw a lot of policemen as well. But they are very polite here (much more than they are in the states, for the most part)…today one let me go in front of him in line when I was buying shawarma! I was so surprised and so were my friends. Hahaha.

I also got brutally lost one day and one really helped me out by pointing me in the right (and safe) direction; I unfortunately walked into a semi shady area and there was no one besides him and gopniki drinking next to their cars.

Conclusion: cops in Kazan are nice, from what I’ve experienced.